Winmech Provide Double glazing Repairs solutions for your faulty windows & Doors

We can repair any style of Pvc Or aluminium Double Glazed window.

Some of our Most common Services can be found bellow.

  •  Window Hinges

  •  Window Handles

  •  Locking Mechanism

  •  Open Jammed Windows

  •  Gaps & Drafts Cured

  •  Glass replacements

  •  Window Adjustments

  •   Door Lock Adjustments

  •   Multi Point Mechanisms

  •   Open Jammed Locks

  •   UPVC Door Hinges

  •   Door Handles

  •   Lost or Broken Keys

  •   Replacement Door Locks

  • ​ Window Frame Lock Parts

  •  Window Locks

  •  Extra Security Locks

  •  Tilt & Turn Window Repair

  •  Fire Escape Hinges

  •  Child Restricted Hinges

  •  Discontinued Locks

Double Glazing Sash Repairs

PVC & Aluminium Sash Windows are a common style of window that we usually repair the style of the window consists of two panes which slide up and down and additionally tilt in for cleaning accessibility. There is no doubt that this style of window requires some maintenance and care during its lifetime, Some of the common issues we are always confronted with are  dropping panels due to the springs snapping. Although there are many different manufactures for these windows and the style varies from one brand to the other we have been in the game long enough to assure you that any brand can be repaired and we can source tension coil springs, handles, pivot elbows, locks, and steel bars to bring your sash style windows back to working order.

Tilt & Turn Window Repairs

Tilt & Turn Aluminium & Pvc style windows are a style of window that can easily become problematic over time due to the technicality and various mechanisms that ake up this style of window. tilt & turn windows enable the window to lock, open as a restricted vent and fully hinge inwards imitatiung the syle of a door. Due to the 3 points of functionality there are various factors that could cause the window to stop operating due to the complexity of the latcxhing and locking mechanism. 

Having worked with tilt & turn windows for over 15 years we can assure you that we can fix any issue that is preventing your tilt & turn windows from opening or closing. 

New locks, adjustments, and handles can be sourced to repair this style of window

Double glazing window repairs

PVC & Aluminium double glazing window are the most common windows found in most house holds today double glazing has been around for around 25+ years and its no surprise that we encounter double glazing windows with common faults like damaged hinges, handles, locks & broken seals inside the double glazing units. Rest assured we can repair and replace any part on your windows that are causing them to not function properly most double glazing will take universal parts so if you have a older style of window fear not as we can always seek an alternative to bring them back to working condition.


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